Storm spa room sparks debate as no one can agree if it’s relaxing or ‘anxiety-inducing’

The weather can hugely impact people’s emotions and feelings – from sunshine, thunderstorms, and even just a cloudy sky.

Understandably, a popular video of a storm-themed spa – located at QC Termemilano in Milan, Italy – has sparked huge debate online.

The original video,which has surpassed a whopping 12 million views to date on TikTok, has divided viewers after a spa room has rocketed into internet stardom and nobody can agree on how they feel about it.

A user who shared the clip in question to Reddit has divided hundreds of viewers with some claiming it’s “amazing” to others stating that it’s “anxiety-inducing”.

One user shared their love for the niche interest and wrote: “This looks amazing. I’d absolutely love this.”

“I think this could be a great exposure technique to practice being calm in stressful situations,” a second wrote.

“Mind over matter, choose our feelings to influence our mood instead of our mood influencing our feelings.”

“I love the two extremes, either you think this is silly or scary and would never touch or you want to drop everything right now and go to it,” another understood the diverse opinions.

“Growing up in Florida and learning not to be in the water during a lightning storm makes this incredibly anxiety-inducing,” someone else disagreed.

“I was thinking the same thing! Being from the Gulf Coast and living through quite a few hurricanes…. this would not really be my jam,” A different person responded.

“But I can see how it could be calming maybe without the thunder? I do love a good rain.”

A sixth penned: “Yup! I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it for same reason… grew up on the literal border of the Everglades and every afternoon we had to take a 1-3 hour break from swimming until the thunderstorms rolled through.”

While a seventh admitted: “For the love of god and all things holy this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. My anxiety is through the roof.”

“It’s a 50/50 sub,” a viewer set the record straight. “Half the people there have a genuine fear. The other half just love to see cool stuff under water.”